Zeus and Vesuvius

After a few hours drive south of Rome, Bruce nestles comfortable between the trees in Camping ZEUS. . . . 100m from the Pompeii ruins with Mount Vesuvius peacefully looking down on him.

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Pompeii was a thriving commercial town for hundreds of years until Mount Vesuvius erupted in 79 AD killing 2,000 of the 20,000 population. We spent hours strolling the 170 acres of ancient remains of this working Roman city. Complete with the temples, forum, shopping district and an amphitheater, it did create an eerie feeling – particularly the body casts that are there!

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Intricate mosaics adorn the walls and floors depicting their lifestyles, flora, fauna, clothing, etc.

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We caught a train to Naples to visit the National Archaeology Museum which was amazing  & houses the original mosaics, frescoes & artifacts from Pompeii ruins. The most famous mosaic is of Alexander the Great on horseback, shown here in battle!


Beautiful mosaics of marine life, duck and birds, dogs portraits. A marble sculpture of a baby with fruit is 1st century AD.

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Many amazing sculptures also at the museum including a marble kneeling barbarian from 1st century AD, handsome Hercules looking down at us & here’s Marcus . . . . Aurelius 50AD!! not bad for his age!!

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Interesting modern displays too. A model of St Peter’s Basilica – house of cards – all JOKER cards – cool looking Batman – black and silver.

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4 thoughts on “Zeus and Vesuvius

  1. Thanks you two for another great travelogue; weather seems good. Fascinating art and sculptures and most items look to be in good condition.

    1. Howdy. The volcanic eruption preserved the town of Pompeii (and several like it in the area) until they were discovered in 1600’s. The way of Roman life was preserved for us to see later! Frozen in time! Pompei was a town of 20,000, but most escaped before the ash and gas got them. 2,000 did not escape. 75% of the town has been excavated now. The museum in Naples has the “best” pieces from the excavations. Statues, mosaics, ornaments, etc. Taken there in 1700’s!!
      Have a great day.

      Mark n Bev.

  2. Really enjoying your travels, we didn’ get to Pompeii on our os trip in 1998, thank you for sharing it with us.So interesting.
    Travel safely.
    Bette and Jimxx

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