We are a Romeing (roaming)!!

Our GPS guides Bruce closer and closer to Roma (Rome). Along cobbled streets with ancient walls on either side of us and finally to his CAMPERSPOT only 2km from the Colosseum and the centre of Rome.  One thing for sure – the Italian drivers live up to their reputation. Indicators are for decoration, a toot of the horn means “lookout – I am coming through” and swapping lanes at last second is considered normal here. Consequently ambulances are zooming around everywhere… any wonder why (Bev can hear one now!!).The panel beaters here are obviously kept very busy.

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The saying ALL ROADS LEAD TO ROME took its name from the ancient stretch of road Via Appia Antica – this is where we are camped!! We have a lovely grassed area at the back of a panel beating business – right off The Appian Way!! It has a security man 24/7 and we have to buzz ourselves in and out after-hours.

We have experienced and enjoyed two sightseeing-packed days in Rome!!

We booked a day ahead for guided “SKIP THE LINE” walking tours of the Colosseum and ancient Rome on one day and Vatican, Sistine Chapel & St Peters Basilica on the second day. Our guide on the first tour was no-good, but the guide on day two (Vatican, etc) was passionate, full of interesting facts and added some humourous anecdotes that added to our enjoyment.

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After clocking up 24,000 steps it was time for lunch.


This is Julius Caesars burial place and to this day flowers are still left there on the anniversary of his death on 15th March.
Ancient sarcophagus

The ruins of the Roman forum was once the showpiece centre of the Roman Republic. It was systematically excavated in the 18th and 19th centuries and it continues today.


We continue roaming through the hustle and bustle that is Rome!

The Trevi Fountain
Spanish Steps (under renovation)
cat sanctuary amongst the Roman ruins
a rare glimpse of greenery

IMG_1085 IMG_1083

Covering just half a square kilometre, the Vatican is all that is left of the Papal States. For more than a thousand years, the Papal States encompassed Rome and much of central Italy, but after Italian unification in 1861, the Pope was forced to give up his territorial possessions. As an independent state, The Vatican has its own postal service, currency, newspaper, radio station and army of Swiss guards.

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pointing to the SINKHOLE in Florence – map from 1600 – sinkhole this week (May 2016)!!
Ceiling of Sistine Chapel – painted by Michelangelo in 1508 (from a photo-board – we were not allowed to even LOOK at our camera whilst in the chapel!!!)
Michelangelo – painted by Rafael



St Peter’s Basilica was enormous – the photos dont do it justice – it has to be seen to be believed. The dome by Michelangelo is the largest of any church in the Christian world. (There is a decree that forbids anything larger!!)

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the white line is the border between Italy and The Vatican

IMG_1168 IMG_1165

IMG_1106 IMG_1119

The Altare della Patria is a monument built in honour of Victor Emmanuel, the first king of a unified Italy.

The monument holds the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier with an eternal flame, built under the statue of goddess Roma after World War I following an idea of General Giulio Douhet.


This last photos are for you mum!! Church of Saint Barbara!!

IMG_5923      IMG_5925

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  1. Gidday Mark and Bev.
    Sounds and looks like you are having a great time. Enjoy the Italian rally drivers, I think they think they are the best drivers in the world.Rome is a great city and it seems you saw all the main attractions,keep up the blog posts we look forward to them.
    All the best Mark and Mireille.

  2. You’re making a wonderful trip in Italy. Great to read your stories about Rome. Enjoy your trip.

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