Spectacular Amalfi Coast!!

A special highlight was our small group tour of the Amalfi Coast! Our gorgeous Italian guide was passionate and as we traveled the narrow, twisty cliff-top roads, we made several stops for photos of the breathtaking views!! Mark with our guide a the fresh fruit roadside stall!!

IMG_1297 IMG_1430 IMG_1431 IMG_1492IMG_1295

From our “base” in Pompei, we traveled  by train to Sorrento to meet the minibus. We explored beautiful Positano and then onto Amalfi where we jumped aboard a small boat to view the coast form the sea!

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Our guide pointed out Roger Moore’s holiday house escape – white buildings and small private beach below!


A honeymoon suite (yellow house) can be spotted on cliffside too!!IMG_1325 IMG_1324

The town of Amalfi was buzzing with tourists! Colourful pottery to purchase but we chose the lemon gelati instead from the Limoncello man! Also a bottle to take home!!IMG_1394 IMG_1399 IMG_1401 IMG_1397

Mark was happy to relax & be a passenger on our hairy drive back to Sorrento on the very narrow, windy clifftop roads! . . . . Sorrento was another interesting town with beautiful bougainvillea and quaint “pubs” for a beer! The toddlers here wear the latest fashion!!.

IMG_1312IMG_1441 IMG_1435 IMG_1444 IMG_1438 IMG_1525

After spending hours in leather bag shops, Bev finally finds the perfect Italian shoulder bag, and matching wallet . . . . an early birthday present and lovely memento from our Italian experience!!

We had heard of the Isola di Capri so  decided to join a boat tour there. At our campsite (Camping ZEUS in Pompei still) the reception suggested there are Flashy Tours or the Real Tour. 85 euro versus 50 euro. Guess which one we took!! Train to Sorrento for an early 8am start. The minibus collected us at the station then others from hotels, bus stops, etc. A scenic drive to a nearby port (must be cheaper than the main Sorrento port) to board a ferry to the island.

IMG_1322 IMG_1363 IMG_1466 IMG_1492

On our tour, we met Chris and Sharon from UK, and explore the Island of Capri with them. We had no trouble remembering their names as we have friends Chris and Sharyn in Sydney!!. . . . . . a maze of laneways, restaurants and upmarket shops. Fancy soft-top taxis (mostly Ford Capri!!)  are available to shuttle you up and down the hillside . . . we wait for the bus though enjoying the views!

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On our return Bev is the captain!?? ! Our boat takes a round trip of the island, close to the Blue Grotto, rocky cliffs and through the arch in Faraglioni Rocks!!

IMG_1640 IMG_1594 IMG_1626 IMG_1645

IMG_1610 IMG_1615 IMG_1618 IMG_1623IMG_1559

Another fun day of touring! This is the view from our train window as we head back to our base in Pompeii!

IMG_1648 IMG_1652

Our last supper in Italy – not hard to guess what we had!!


4 thoughts on “Spectacular Amalfi Coast!!

  1. Soo jealous. Italy just looks beautiful. Have you found the Italians funny? We found them to be a right laugh

    1. Hello Mike, the way they drive is a right laugh!!
      Have a great day,
      Mark n Bev.

  2. Wow guys another beautiful day in paradise.!
    Boat trip gave some wonderful views. looks warm X getting excited now looking at all your pics

  3. What a magnificent trip you had, and your photography captures it all so beautifully. It certainly is a lovely part of the Italian Coast.
    Keep on enjoying , and those pizza’s look inviting.
    Bette and Jimxx

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