Legging it to the Italian Lakes

It’s Tuesday morning and we hit the road heading North East to the famous Lake Como and then onto the more relaxed and equally picturesque area of Lake Garda. Lake Como was densely populated with 50’s – 60’s style buildings and not many spots for Bruce to pull over in the heavy traffic. The steep shores were packed with houses. We enjoyed the spectacular view of all the mountains in the backdrop.IMG_0199

Lake Garda is a beautiful, relaxing holiday destination with many places to stay. Our campsite leads right down onto the shore of the lake. Excellent cafes for coffee close by! Mark’s Longa was not so long, but Bev’s cappucino hit the nail on the head!!

IMG_0204 IMG_0205

Cycling to nearby historic villages (inc Borghetto!!) along the river Mincio was fun and worth the 30km ride. We were rewarded with proseco and local beer in this river island cafe with the sound of water rushing past our table.

IMG_0225 IMG_0209 IMG_0213 IMG_0222

Having decided to stay another night at Camping San Benedetto we hopped on the local bus to Verona on Wednesday morning. Verona, the city of love, is the source of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet!! Needless to say the main attraction was the balcony and house!! Can you pick the real balcony?? ? ?

IMG_0256 IMG_0280 IMG_0284 IMG_0262

There were crowds watching as Juliets posed on the famous balcony above us.

IMG_0263Yes, you could pay for this great photo opportunity – we declined – the queue was too long. However, Bev did pose with a modern take on Romeo and Juliet – this interesting sculpture.

IMG_0264 IMG_0237

We also discovered Romeo on our travels looking debonair.IMG_0276

We are not sure who these guys are in these unusual uniforms!!?IMG_0242

Bev almost skewered herself eating fresh fruit at the market.IMG_0243


Our first Italian Pizza was delicious  – washed down with the local Italian wine.


A bit weary, we jumped on the local tourist train  for a more relaxed look at the ancient attractions. The large arena dates back to Roman times.IMG_0319IMG_0234IMG_0329


Back at the ranch (shores of Lake Garda) Mark opens the obligatory Pinot Griggio . . . . whilst Bev downs her green tea in BIG new mug . . . . “THERE’S A RATHER LARGE CHANCE THIS IS WINE!?”” Mmmmmmm,   – thanks for the mug Morgan.

IMG_0333 IMG_0337

The big pineapple is nearby too!!




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