Back with Bruce!

Yes, it’s good to see Bruce, who is looking great, after minor health issues (alternator and water pump belt replacements required)!
Boldly and bravely he escorted us across the English Channel and eventually into countries foreign to him and us!IMG_0083

A quick stop in Brugge, Belgium, sees us catch up with friends Marc & Marie Christine over a Brugge Zot (beer) we then travel 1,200kms south. Enduring fine weather, then rain, many toll roads and toll tunnels (cost approx. Euro 200) we finally “pop-up” in Northern Italy!!IMG_0097 IMG_0106 IMG_0129IMG_0080
Our first night in Italy, Sant Antonio de Susa was adventurous as Bruce chugged up a very steep road to a tiny little village and to his spectacular camping spot with views of the snow capped mountains of The Alps. IMG_0164

We found the tiny quaint restaurant (Il Sentiero dei Franchi) where we were to pay the E10 for the sosta. The chef “looked the part” so we decided it was safe to have dinner there! It was so delicious we thought he may have worked at The Hilton in a prior life! Melt in your mouth gourmet Italian delights . . . . . . . desert? Yes, why not!?!? It proved to be a correct decision.

IMG_0139 IMG_0143 IMG_0149 IMG_0153
Day 2 in Italy we drive North East to the beautiful Lakes Region, where we circumnavigate Lake  Comabbio on our bikes enjoying a sunny Sunday afternoon.
We are rapidly trying to improve our Italian vocabulary. We forgot the word for PASSING or EXCUSE ME while passing pedestrians on the lake track today . . . . . . . “SCUSSI” . . . . . of course!!

Ordering our first coffee was interesting! When we asked “duo café”, she asked if we wanted “longo” – as Mark indicated a tall cup!! – . . . . . naturally we said “yes”! . . . . big mistake . . . it was the smallest black coffee ever! Apparently in Italy, we ask for Americano coffee if we want a “normal” sized cup.

We now take a well-deserved break from driving to relax by Lake Combaggio to write our first blog in Italy!!

Arrividerci – – – – for now!!
Marco and Bevo Bartletto

5 thoughts on “Back with Bruce!

  1. Lovely to follow your European adventure. To be honest an Americano in Italy may be a sin. But if you like it enjoy.

  2. Buon giorno Marco e Bevello,
    I’m looking forward to following your Italian adventure. Where is Lake Combaggio? I can’teem to find it on the map.
    If you’re finding the caffe americano a little insipid for the Australian pallet try the caffe doppio (long, strong black espresso) If you want a strong white ask for a caffe doppio with milk (latte) on the side. Getting your coffee order right was the topic of conversation whenever we bumped into other Australians. On more than one occasion people asked if we where also from Melbourne.

  3. Lovely to see you both and “Bruce” on the road again. We look forward to sharing your travels.
    Have just returned from a trip to SA,VIC,NSW. in our van. enjoyed it all.
    love Bette and Jimx

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