Countdown …. 10 days to go!

Yes, it’s all systems go at our “training camp”. IMG_9292As Bev writes this, Mark is out clocking up more saddle hours!! After reading more detail about the long steep ascents (mountains) on his CAmino De Santiago 750km bike route, he has increased his training intensity!



I think we may have misinformed you on the last blog……most of the French population has now arrived with bikes at the picturesque holiday destination of Annecy (near Geneva – still in France). Marvellous bike paths (old railway line mostly) circle Lac d’Annecy and young and old take advantage of them. Early morning cycling, before the crowds, is Mark’s best option now! Lac d’Annecy boasts the most pristine, clean water of all lakes in Europe.IMG_9155IMG_9245IMG_9158

The kayaking for eight kilometres along the Ardèche River through the gorge and under the “Pont-d’Arc”, through the rapids (no capsizing either!) was great cross training for Mark!

IMG_9118 IMG_9132IMG_9117

IMG_9174Plongee? Sounds like fun too?! We think the water too cold for SCUBA diving though.


IMG_9149The campgrounds are all full but the most noise comes from the clanging of the cowbells in the paddock adjacent. The cows are on the move again now and their enormous bells echo throughout the camp.

Along the lake we discover “hidden” castles, swans taking a dive, children on wooden horses – think we discovered a young Sabrina on horseback too!!IMG_9181 IMG_9251 IMG_9189IMG_9190 IMG_9186IMG_9191IMG_9170IMG_9177

Street performers amuse us with their skills and beautiful marionettes.

IMG_9259 IMG_9271

IMG_9084Our last two “France Passion” stays (free overnight stay on a French farm/vineyard) were most relaxing, complete with swimming pools for our use! Welcoming “bee sign” at one of our France Passion stays! They produce and sell miel – honey.

The Annecy Classic Music Festival’s opening night was Tuesday and we were fortunate enough to obtain two tickets. The Saint Petersburg Philharmonic Orchestra (100 musicians) with famous Hungarian, Zoltan Kocsis as conductor were awe inspiring! A highly acclaimed pianist (Denis Matsuev from Russia) received four ovations…… The concert went an hour overtime!! We were treated to the world’s best musicians here!! The website for the festival is here: Denis’s website is here:

Ah!….. almost forgot!….. Last night, joining in with the French camp spirit, we played our first game of Petanque with our lovely Dutch neighbours!! I wont say who won the first game …. I’m sure the fact that our balls were so new and shiny gave Bev a slight advantage!!….. however it was all downhill (literally) in the following games!!

Don’t forget that you can see where we have been on Google Maps here:

In Village Classe …… Bev discovered her aptly named car!!

IMG_9104 IMG_9105


3 thoughts on “Countdown …. 10 days to go!

  1. Hi greetings from Su and Peter (your buddies from St Emmilion). Enjoying reading your blog. When are you venturing back to the UK. We are off again in the motorhome going to the lakes in England and the Yorkshire moors. Hope to see you again. Best wishes.

    1. Hello Su and Peter,
      We are in the UK for October. Will give you a call when we will be in your area. Have a great time in lakes and Yorkshire. We are sunning it on the beach in South of France at the moment! Lovely.

      Have a great day,
      Mark & Bev

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