Aloha !!…..from Northwest Spain !

Are you ready to join us for a drive and exploration along far north coast of Spain ?…. Settle in , grab a cuppa or a glass of vino, and enjoy the ride with us!

Let’s stop & stroll this beautiful surf beach in Valdevino and have a look at these interesting coloured cliffs too !

Amusing “ no smoking” signs at this beach ! ….not a problem for us !!


Bev decides to go for a surf ….donning the latest in Spanish surf fashion !?


Groovy beach graffiti, or wall Art grabs our attention too !!


Not sure what Mark is doing here, I think he’s practising his diving skills??

NOW , who’s this with Bruce ?? Looks he has been having a chat and exchanging travel experiences with his much older HYMER brother, probably 20 years older!!

We can stop for a walk in Mondonedo and admire the ancient imposing church and 15 fountain.

Stepping back in time…..Kodak film sign !

Bruce takes us along the northern Costa Verde, or Green coast ( named because it’s a region of nature & forests) !

This stunning coastal region is on the Cantabria Sea  in the Asturias region of Spain.

SOMEHOW , in Ribadeo,  we manage to miss a turn in the old town with its tiny, one way,cobblestone streets which get ominously narrower & narrower……we end up almost driving down this super narrow path ! Ugh !!… How come you guys didn’t warn Bruce ??


This is where Bruce gets really concerned !! Hate to know what his blood pressure is !?

Mark demonstrates the width of the road where we got into trouble !!

Luckily, we could reverse slowly to a corner and a lovely young Spanish couple, in this green car, escorted us safely down the hill and into the motorhome area, which is next to the marina. They were only too happy to help !

Mark looks relieved that Bruce, is happily recovering from his ordeal . You can see him resting on the right here !

Mark discovers these ancient rock structures  near the Marina !
….That’s him waving up the top !

It’s Saturday night, and the town is buzzing, with Spanish dancing, and roaming bands throughout the small streets, stopping traffic!

The Spanish definitely know how to party and they sure did tonight….. near our motor home !! Starting  at 12 midnight with loud singing & foot stamping flamingo dancing , which continued until 4:30 am !! Just wish they would start a tad earlier ! 😉


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