Hola, bienvenido (welcome) back to our travel blog !!

Yes, we have crossed back into Spain, and are camping at Lavacolla camper park – a  motor home site, €16 with electricity , just 5 km from the famous city of Santiago de Compostela! 

Catching the local bus, 1 euro, Mark reminisces about his epic Camino bike adventure from Pamplona to Santiago nine years ago! He is keen to see the cathedral because he was very disappointed when he wearily rode into Santiago, after 750 km, to find the church all covered in scaffolding!

Today though, it’s looking magnificent, and of course, we take a selfie! 

A bit of history, short and sweet.
Over the centuries, millions of pilgrims from all over the world, have made the journey to this famous cathedral in Santiago – Camino de Santiago, the way of Saint James. The huge cathedral is built on the site of the reputed burial place of Saint James the Apostle. Since then, it has been a pilgrimage for over 1,000 years.

Wikipedia – Click Here

Mark ventures down into the crypt below the main chapel. Here are the remains of St James, in a silver urn, pictured here, which were discovered in the 9 century.

There are hundreds of pilgrims arriving in Santiago today, and there are so many different souvenirs for them to buy to remember their epic journey. Lots of great T-shirts, and even some baby bibs, which also grabbed our attention!

We meander through the small lane ways, and discovered beautiful terraces with attractive gardens. Walking is pretty thirsty work and Mark refills our water bottles  at this ancient fountain, he assured me that it’s pure water!

It is interesting to watch all the pilgrims pass by, as we enjoy a light lunch in the centre.

My falafel salad, gluten-free , was delicious! ……Mark had to eat 2 lunches today  because my first order wasn’t gluten and egg free! Ha ha! …He was happy!

 Enjoyed some churros at the local fair …..when in Spain. . . !!

Leaving our camp, in no other than San Marcos, we stop for a morning cuppa at the nearby cafe! It was on the Camino Francés route, used by the majority of pilgrims, and so was very busy with pilgrims, stopping for their final breakfast and cuppa before their journey into Santiago! We chatted with these four Irish girls that were on their final 5 km, and they thoroughly enjoed their Camino experience. Bev suggested they pose for this picture just for prosperity !! …..think Abbey Road, the Beatles. 

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  1. Looks like you two are having a great time..
    What’s happened to the red pants Mark????

  2. Some great photo in and around Santiago de Compostela. It was scaffolded during our visit and sheets of plastic everywhere inside during our visit as well.

    Anyway keep having fun.

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