Pretty Portugal !

As the sun sets on the camp swimming pool, we are next door at the camp restaurant devouring a delicious Portuguese steak with onions !  Anyone for a chip or two!? There’s a few left over for you!

Bruce heads north up the Portuguese Atlantic coast and then stops to explore this pretty village of Esposende with it’s colourful streets and flowers.


The red light house is located partly within the walls of the 17th century, Fort St John the Baptist.

We admire  the  impressive yellow coloured stone  Hospital, and the old  theatre club in the village.

Continuing north, we camp on a hill in Viano do Costello, overlooking the water and opposite the port.

Mark takes in the beautiful ocean view, sitting peacefully with Bruce and his friends as the sun sets – again … does this a lot we realise!?  Ha ha!
Ahh,.this is the life, such a relaxing spot for the night… or so we thought !! ?

*** BUT alas , this was not to be the case !!

As we nestled in for the night, about 10 pm, suddenly we could hear extremely loud, “headbanging” techno  music travelling across the water from the port! Bruce even began to vibrate in protest at the music, it was so loud! No joke, we felt it !

Naturally, sleep  was impossible and so at 3 am I gave up trying,  put the kettle on and googled what on earth was happening at the port tonight!……. My worst fears, it was an all night,  electronic, techno crazy concert!

Finally, at  5 am peace was restored !!

Needless to say, no one appeared from their motorhomes much before midday! We were all kept awake.

Note to self – check  night music  events, near, or close to our camp spots in the future !! Wearily , we found this great local beach café and had the best fruit salad waffles ever! Much appreciated after a sleepless night!

There was actual surf today, and everyone in the surf is wet-suited up for the chilly conditions in the water! This is the Atlantic!! Mark enjoyed a cuppa & a chat with his dad on the beach terrace deck.

HiGHLY amusing  signs at entrance to beach :

* * NO NOISE…..? ?



Imagine these signs in Australia , particularly the “no noise !” We’d all be arrested !!

Leaving Viano do Castelo we pass Ponte EIFFEL , which is a unique multi level Road – rail (underneath)  bridge, which crosses the Lima River. As the name suggests, it’s designed by Gustave Eiffel.

We notice the different styles of housing as we drive along tiny, bumpy tracks to check out more beaches before we leave Portugal and cross the border into….Espanha (Spain) !!

2 thoughts on “Pretty Portugal !

  1. Hi Mark and Bev, we met you before covid in Dona Lola Calahonda. We bought a small campervan during lockdown, seemed sensible. We are watching your travels with interest.
    We travelled through France and Italy in 2021.
    Spain, then France in 2022. Our plans for this year were disrupted due to the christening of or latest 5month old twin granddaughters earlier this month.
    So we plan to tour through Wales and Scotland in June/July visiting friends and relatives. We love the freedom the van gives us and never prebook sites, usually that’s fine til Annecy, very popular with holidaying french!!
    We plan to include Portugal next year on the way back from our Spanish week in May.
    Happy travelling and we may see you one day.
    You are welcome to visit us in Salisbury, just let us know if you come this way.
    Best Wishes
    Sue &Jeremy

    1. Hello Sue and Jeremy,
      Thank you for the comment. We hope you get a couple of clues about Portugal from here. It is a great way to travel.

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