Océanopolis . . . Brest is best

Bonjour mes amies! . . . . Leaving the apple orchard after a quiet restful evening we continue driving to the most westerly point in France called Finistere – which means “the end of the world”!! This remote rural landscape was the last refuge of the Druids from encroaching Christianity. Today the port of Roscoff with it’s ferries, has opened links to England and high speed TGV trains mean the region is only four hours from Paris.

The weather throws us a bit of everything (think Melbourne!?!) and so an afternoon inside visiting Océanopolis in Brest is in order.

It is a fantastic aquarium with informative displays and amazing, large collection of sea creatures. The ugly fish with the bright blue eyes is particularly deadly and warning. . . not to be eaten with your chips!!

Its not quite the weather for bathing boxes today!?

We walk around the large harbour in Brest full of hundreds of boats, past an above ground pool with SCUBA diving lessons in progress.During WWII, the harbour was severely bombed to prevent the Nazis using it for a submarine base. The town was totally destroyed and post war was rebuilt cheaply – without the typical French flair.

Our next overnight stop is near Plougin, using our France Passion Card/Book again. This beautiful stone home also has a restaurant available – but not tonight. Bruce parks up comfortably overlooking the grand jardin and Bev discovers her ideal petite maison amongst the trees!

Tuesday morning is also cold and rainy . . . so it must be a laundry day!! We find a Lavomatic conveniently across the road from a cafe and our favourite shop – LeClerc. Pleased that our wardrobes are now replenished with fresh clean outfits, we continue through the narrow coastal roads to scenic Portsall.

Arriving at an aire overlooking a lake for tonight’s stop, we are impressed by the fancy rubbish removal truck as we drive in.

Feet up, warm inside Bruce, Bev begins conjuring up ideas for this blog!

4 thoughts on “Océanopolis . . . Brest is best

    1. Hello Gerry,
      Love Brittany – actually love France!!
      Motorhome certainly allows us to experience life a bit more like the locals.
      Most other motorhomes are French where we are.

      Have a great day,

  1. Great to see you are on the “Road Again”. As always we enjoy your wonderful experiences,sharing so much history with you too. Travel well and keep on enjoying.

    1. Thanks Bette,
      Bev loves doing the blog – especially when we get great feedback.
      Say Hi to Jim for us.
      Mark & Bev.

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