Frozen in time

The spectacular Crozon Peninsular looks out over the Atlantic and our drive to the summit of Menez-Hom provides windswept views over the seas, lakes, rivers . . . and a hang glider is enjoying it too!!

The colourful seaside village of Morgat boasts many creperies and an enticing long sandy swimming beach – alas it is only 12 degress today!!

Winding our way along the headlands there are forbidden military installations including France’s nuclear submarine base (no photos allowed).

Mark closely examines an abandoned wartime guardhouse and bunkers.

Having made a list of the ten most beautiful villages in Brittany (Bretagne), we excitedly visit Locronan – on the top of our list. The town itself has remained frozen in its ancient form with it’s granite houses fully preserved. In its heyday, 14th to 17th century, it was an important centre for woven linen – supplying sails to the French, English and Spanish navies. This all declined in the 19th century but it is once more prosperous with the income from tourists.

We contribute our bit to their economy at this jewellery shop! The jeweller shows us how he makes the interesting bracelets with hand blown glass which he fills with local sand.

On our stroll we pop in to a creperie for delicious buckwheat savoury crepes and Bev treats herself to Crepe Suzette – Flambe style!! C’est Magnifique!

Mark discovers a bank in this old building – Credit Agricole.

Film directors love Locronan’s authenticity and several films have used this location such as A Very Long Engagement.

The traditional dress of the Breton women is displayed in this village procession.

Even the vehicles are ancient in this village!!

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