Le Mont Saint-Michel

Another spectacular sunset tonight in Dinard,  our last evening here. . . .


We travel east to the famous Benedictine Monastery – Le Mont Saint-Michel – an hours drive. It is spectacularly perched on a rocky islet in the midst of vast sand banks and exposed to powerful tides.

Construction began in the eighth century, and in the eleventh century, work on the current church peak commenced. Buildings have been grafted onto the island to produce a fortified hotch-potch of Romanesque and Gothic buildings, piled on top of each other – up to the pinnacle of the graceful church.Le Mont Saint Michel is the most recognisable silhouette in France after the Eiffel Tower.

Mark discovers “a hole in the wall” just in time to pay for lunch.

There are tributes to General Patton for the liberation of France in 1944.

Not sure why there are so many colourful cows about today??



4 thoughts on “Le Mont Saint-Michel

  1. Your trip has been wonderful, everywhere has looked interesting and enjoyable, you will not be looking forward to packing Bruce away. Love from us Joy & Graeme

  2. I’m really glad you packed so much in. Brittany is a fascinating place and Mont Saint-Michel is well worth the effort.

    Pinki and I are really looking forward to meeting you in a few hours for some brews!

  3. Thanks for more fascinating historic details ….and those top photos. So much in such a short time! Looking forward to seeing both very soon.

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