Hop on the ferry with us.

Join us on this perfect sunny day as we explore Saint Malo!

The ten minute ferry crossing from Dinard to St Malo is almost over before it began and we disembark before the main gate of the Citadel.

Great views from our stroll around the walls, huge sea pool and busy beaches.

The tide is low so there are visitors crossing over to the tiny island of Grand-Be to search for the tomb of famous French writer Francoise Chateaubriand! One of his famous quotes ” One does not learn how to die by killing others”!

Down there inside the walls we enjoyed a lunch (What, no crepes?).

These buildings may look ancient, but are almost entirely reconstructed after the bombings of 1944, where barely a stone was left in place.

We meander the cobbled streets and find the main town square, now with kids modern playground too.

Inspired by this boot display, we put in an order for winter for our SafetyQuip shop!!.

We saddened to hear the news yesterday that this beautiful, half timbered house we visited a couple of days ago in Dinan, has been completely destroyed by fire:

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  1. Enjoying your blog as usual. The weather is warming and everyone is out. Very sad about that wonderful house in Dinan.

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