Aussie Bruce is on the move again!!

Welcome to our 2019 “Aussie Bruce” blog where we shall explore Brittany in France for 3 weeks!

Our flights to UK this year were our most eventful yet! Having arrived very early at Brisbane airport after our PNG (Papua New Guinea) cruise, we were informed, seven hours later that our flight to Singapore was cancelled due to mechanical problems. They squeezed us into another flight after three and a half hours but this meant we missed two connecting flights in Singapore to London. We were then booked on another flight to London eight hours later! On both planes there were medical emergencies with crew and passengers running around – fortunately the passengers were OK after treatment.

So – 38 hours later, utterly exhausted, we touched down at Heathrow!!

…….. The joy of flying.!?!?!

“Bruce was ready & waiting eagerly for us in Basingstoke! Fingers crossed as Mark turns his car key . . . . phew . . Bruce comes alive straight away! This is a good sign!

We drive three hours South East to beautiful seaside village of Teignmouth where he has a full service and MOT (annual roadworthy) booked. We stay with Su and Pete and also visit Nettie in nearby Kingskerswell and enjoy their great hospitality. Bruce receives a “clean bill of health” and feeling refreshed after two nights sleep, we head to Plymouth early Friday morning for the five hour ferry crossing to Roscoff in Brittany, North West France!! Smooth sailing so far!!

Strolling along the promenade in Teignmouth we pass a lifeguard lookout, and notice the water temperature is only 14 degrees Celsius . . . .  and there is a lady swimming!!!

The heavens open up and the wind wails as we disembark in Roscoff! The GPS takes over and soon we are heading down a narrow road to . . . who knows where!.! It continues to narrow and then a tractor blocks our way forcing Mark to reverse Bruce all the way back!. The weather deteriorates further and we try to find sanctuary not far away in an aire (free motorhome parking) and sit tight and hope that the wind and rain abate.

Meanwhile, back in Bruce, Bev is looking Tres Chic in here early birthday present from Mark – purchased on the French ship MV Armorique of Brittany Ferries.

9 thoughts on “Aussie Bruce is on the move again!!

  1. Nice to hear from you and aussie bruce.
    We Cross Fingers for good weather conditions and wish a Save further trip.
    Here in bavaria the weather is very good.
    We spend our spring Holiday this year in spain, on the isle Ibiza, without our mobilhome.
    The weather in Europe was very Bad two weaks ago.
    In september we will spend our Main Holiday in italy in the near of venice.
    Many greetings from us 3 Erdinger
    Steffi, Vincent and Frank

  2. Have a great trip in Breizh (Brittany), enjoy the coast, the scenery, the towns and cities.

  3. Woohoo! You made it! Have a great time. I love this blog The jacket is Tres tres chic

  4. Yeah you made it finally. Lovely to hear of your adventures, great photos.
    Having a few days in Noosa before heading to Harvey Bay.
    Happy adventuring.

  5. Yay! Hope you have an awesome time and the weather improves. Although Bev may want a bit of rain so she can wear her nice new coat!

    1. Thanks Mireille,
      No good about the Bombers against West Coast – but it looks like Mark got dressed for the occasion!
      Bev is getting good wear from her coat – mainly against the cold wind. Seeing the beauty of Brittany means a lot of time exposed to the elements.
      Mark & Bev.

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