Kinderdijk is a famous windmill attraction in Dordrecht, 17 windmills, some still in working order and maintained in original colours. (Click here for further info – Kinderdijk).  There were many thousands of windmills in their “hey-day” but now the remaining 980 are precious and many World Heritage Status. After buying a delicious ice-cream from this authentic Dutch girl we set-off on our quest to find all 17 of the windmills!IMG_6494

Passing this giant baby crib, along the track we part the reeds and . . . . bingo!! Found them!

IMG_6496 IMG_6501 IMG_6522

We shared “HIGH TEA” with camping neighbours, on this green table, aptly named, “High Tea Table” before we drive to the De Hoge Veluwe National Park ! (click here for more info – De Hoge Veluwe)IMG_6552

A relaxing cycle of 40 kms along paths, over bridges, through the moors, grasslands & forests! This park is a private nature reserve of 5400 hectares! Also the park has a large Van Gogh collection and the first underground museum in the world!

IMG_6567 IMG_6575 IMG_6580 IMG_6607

Bev’s “eagle eye” spotted our only wild animal when we’re near the end of the ride! . . . The Red Deer hiding near the tree!!?

IMG_6598 IMG_6606

The Velorama Bicycle Museum in Nijmegen has an impressive array of bicycles – over 200! – and many bicycle accessories from the past 200 years. We found it really interesting and worth the E5 entry fee! The wooden bikes of early 1800’s, one with carved, ornate dragons head. Large tricycle with wooden box to carry store supplies, red railway bike, 1894, and even bikes of the Dutch royal family.

IMG_6646 IMG_6648 IMG_6649 IMG_6650 IMG_6666 IMG_6669 IMG_6675 IMG_6683 IMG_6687

Queen Wilhelmina of Holland, 1936, glamorously in white suit and matching handbag, pictured here! There is a collection of royal bikes on display.


IMG_6689Mark admires this 1882 quadricycle called the “Coventry Convertible Sociable Quadricycle”.

IMG_6706We’re amused on our travels when ladies / girls cycle past us on their way to dinner, theatre or work in elegant attire including high-heeled shoes . . . . . . not dissimilar to this lovely lady in red pictured here!!

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  1. if only Scotland were as flat as the Netherlands, I would cycle everywhere. See you in a few weeks. xxx

  2. Thanks for the suggestion to visit the bike museum. Never been there. You’re making a wonderful trip.

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