Touring Waterland and Laag Holland

Having purchased a terrific book called “Discover Old Holland” we set off on our bikes to explore some of its cycle tours on the hundreds of kilometres of cycle paths & trails of Amsterdam.IMG_4872

In no-time at all we are in a peaceful haven, leaving the big city behind us! A vast flat “Waterland” stretches in front of us! We cycle along winding Dijks (dykes – raised embankments to keep the water at bay), old stream channels, endless grasslands and wildlife canalside – grey heron, horses, calves & cattle.


Small boats negotiate the channel canals and the low bridges!IMG_4847 IMG_4850

In IMG_4830a tiny village we search for a cafe for lunch, no luck . . . but we do bump into the mobile grocery van visiting the village! He supplies the town with goods, food, etc. Bev buys fresh nut brood (bread) to accompany our kaas (cheese) & ham! IMG_4829


IMG_4827There’s no way of guessing when this house was first built . . . Captain Obvious!!





These are the bike route number signs we are following!IMG_4920

IMG_4911 Biking through “Laag (low) Holland” we arrive at Oosthuizen.IMG_4912

Quaint little stalls tempt Bev to buy their local produce!! Homemade apple marmalade jam & gorgeous knitted finger puppets (for Jasmine & Lilac). Don’t you love the little Dutch girl with plaits & cute boy!?!IMG_4913IMG_5026

Say CHEESE – we’re in Edam! It’s another pretty, attractive town.IMG_4951IMG_4777IMG_4960

How cool is the twin/double all terrain pram we spot in Edam!?!? Note the cheeses in the window.IMG_4946

Koffie & Dutch taart was delicious at this rural “pop-up” cafe along our trail! . . . served on beautiful “Marken” blue dutch plates (Delft style) . . . . very impressed.IMG_4833 IMG_4834 IMG_4835

The village of Marken with it’s interesting homes! The lower level was originally on stilts as the sea regularly breached the Dijks, now it is under control so they have bricked in the lower levels of these older homes and build confidently on the flat lands – below sea level!!IMG_4900 IMG_4901

The old fishing village, Volendam, was busy with tourists on Sunday.IMG_4964 IMG_4932

Rounding a bend & heading for “home” we find ourselves joining a procession of cows on their way to the milking shed! One cow in particular must be camera shy and gives me the “evil eye”.!?!

IMG_4975 IMG_4982


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  1. Did you ask those cows to moooooove?
    It looked like you were in a bit of a Jam in Oosthuizen.
    (practicing my Dad Jokes with Jasmine here at the keyboard)

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