Colourful Eye Candy for You – Clogs and Tulips

During our walking and cycling “tours” in Holland we have often been rewarded by interesting, amusing and colourful sites that remind us of “true” Holland . . . .perhaps in a bygone era.


. . . . . . .Wooden clogs for instance!! they are sprinkled throughout the countyside & shops! Driving “Bruce” in a tiny village we passed an elderly gentleman walking slowly wearing bright red clogs!! I missed this photo opportunity unfortunately.IMG_4898 They come in greatly varied sizes too! The giant yellow clog, pictured here,  even has wheels on it!







Seeing the natural coloured wooden clogs gave me a  “flashback” to when I was about 8 years old! My calisthenics (dancing) team was learning a Dutch folk dance to perform on stage! We wore our slippers on our feet to learn all the dance steps! After many weeks of rehearsing the routine, our teacher, Mrs Feltham, presented each of us with our own pair of Dutch Wooden Clogs! I think she had them sent to Australia from Holland! We were all very surprised & excited & couldn’t wait to dance on stage wearing them . . . It must have been a noisy performance that’s for sure!!

IMG_4779       IMG_4494 IMG_4493 IMG_4492 IMG_4483     IMG_4484IMG_4490                  IMG_4487

Our hunt for the tulip fields continued . . . . these ones will have to do at present. We will have to return in May, one year, to admire them in full bloom and to “tip toe through the tulips!”

IMG_4754 IMG_4753 IMG_4479IMG_4509

The Tulip gumboots could be a top seller in our Safety Shop next winter me thinks!!?!?IMG_4489