G’day all !!

G’day all!

No, we haven’t gone M.I.A. – missing in action! Our Malaysia Airlines A380 touched down smoothly and safely at its intended destination, Heathrow, London!!
Making a beeline in our hire car toIMG_1794 “Dummer”, near Basingstoke, to reunite with “Bruce” (our motorhome) where we gave him a clean bill of health and declared him fit to travel!!

Leaving Bruce there for the next four days, we explored popular tourist sites in our car…. historic Winchester (with the Wykeham Inn), Windsor Castle, Eton, London Museum.

IMG_3452 IMG_3458 IMG_3467 IMG_4528IMG_4536

“Welcome back drinks” with Pummy, Pinki and Mike overlooking the Thames, in Chiswick, watching the sunset at 9:30pm.


Joining the crowd to watch West End Live 2015 in Trafalgar Square, including Warhorse (pictured).                        From their publicity:

West End LIVE is back for its 11th year this summer, showcasing free performances in Trafalgar Square from top West End musicals.
Theatre fans will not be disappointed as a line-up of exciting new shows perform for the first time ever at West End LIVE, alongside long-running London musicals.
Among the new shows taking part are Kinks-themed musical Sunny Afternoon and the story of singer-songwriter Carole King in Beautiful. West End classics Billy Elliot, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Jersey Boys, Mamma Mia!, Matilda and Wicked are also set to take part.

IMG_4555 IMG_3474

Bev is writing this as we head north on the M1 in Bruce to visit our wonderful friends,  Connie and Norman in MELBOURNE  . . . . . . Derbyshire, !!IMG_4567IMG_3483

Signs warning of long delays further up the motorway encourage is to stop for lunch! The old pub in tiny Tiffield apologises there’s no cook today & so a beer it is!! Healthy lunch!? Chatting to the interesting locals we learn about the art of “MORRIS” clog dancing! A traditional cultural dance of northern England with varied adaptations according to the village.

IMG_1833 IMG_1834

The Englishman pictured, ran out to his car & proudly returned with his stylish black dancing shoes. Solid timber (clogs) with leather upper and metal plates on the soles! Who would have picked him for a dancer??

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  1. G’day G’day. Good to hear trip has started so well. Pummy & Co. look well & good stroke of luck striking West End Live. Have fun. B.& B.

  2. We are In usa at moment back in UK 30th July would like to catch up john June

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