Bruce’s Grand Depart to Europe

Our terrific time in London included catching up with Courtney (Whitney’s close friend) who is working in London for two years

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and a delish celebration dinner at IMG_1845WAHACA Mexican Restaurant in Covent Garden in honour of Leon’s graduation (top of class – no less!! Well done Leon!)




The day of OUR “Grand Depart” has arrived . . . . . look out Belgium, Bruce is coming!!




Excitedly we embark on the P&O Ferry to Calais and our 2015 adventure begins!!

Ferry and Eurostar services between Dover and France were suspended for 12 hours due to industrial action in Calais – the ensuing chaos was enormous. Lorries were queued for miles on the UK side (it would be the same on the French side) , non-lorry traffic was diverted to Dover via a separate motorway. The backlog of lorries will take days to clear.

As a result of the queuing lorries on the French side, thousands (estimated at 30,000) of “North Africans” (very generic term for people escaping their home country for a better life in Europe – especially England)  started to emerge from the countryside and forcing themselves into the queuing lorries. Break open the rear doors and stowing away for the 90 minute ferry ride or 20 minute train ride into the UK. Quite a dilemma for both UK and France – getting a lot of publicity on radio in UK!


Meanwhile, back at home, our gorgeous grand daughters, Lilac and Jasmine, are very entertaining with their syncronised “zumba” dancing on their change table!?!?! HA!!

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  1. Brisbane one day having a BBQ on the roof top then London the next!

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