Introducing “Aussie Bruce”

Mark and Bev are planning an adventure in Europe in 2014. While in London in late 2013, their research culminated in the purchase of a vehicle that was given the name of BRUCE.

Bruce, Bev and Mark
Bruce, Bev and Mark


A HYMER B544 motorhome is what we had settled on as the ideal to be our Home Away From Home. Just like a yacht, a good motorhome needs a name. He is named BRUCE after Bev’s late father. He too was very handsome – with German heritage. Hymer is manufactured in Germany. Bruce is left hand drive, based on the Fiat Ducato with the 2.8 turbo diesel and a 5 speed manual transmission. He was new in 2002, only traveled 51,000 km – so has plenty of life left!! Six seat belts. The main bed is situated above the driving seats and is lowered into position when needed, then pushed back to the ceiling (along with the doona and pillows) when it is time to drive. The habitation area has room for four at the table, another three along the lounge/couch and the driver’s seat swivels around too. The table & seats adjust to make another bed and the lounge pulls out to make another. Toilet, shower, kitchen, hot and cold water, central heating – all the “mod cons”.

hymer-b544b hymer-b544h hymer-b544j hymer-b544g hymer-b544n hymer-b544e hymer-b544p

Mark and Bev plan to be reunited with Bruce on March 3rd. He is in storage in Camberley – outside London. He is certain to be cold at the moment but there are many caravans and motorhomes in the storage place with him – soon he will be enjoying the sun in camping grounds all over Europe!!

The mascot for the adventure is AUSSIE BRUCE – the kookaburra.

Mascot for Aussie Bruce is the kookaburra
Mascot for Aussie Bruce is the kookaburra


Kookaburras are a bird (kingfisher) – native to Australia and New Guinea. 

They are found in habitats ranging from humid forest to arid savanna, as well as in suburban areas with tall trees or near running water. The kookaburra’s loud call sounds like echoing human laughter. 

5 thoughts on “Introducing “Aussie Bruce”

  1. wonderful….can’t wait to hear all about your trip guys. sing out if you need any pointers or advice. We remember the feeling when we where just about to embark on our 3 year tour of EU and the wonderful feeling of not knowing where the next day was going to take you. enjoy every moment.

  2. Wow! Congratulations. Looks like the perfect vehicle for us to do the same after you’re all done. Take good care of him.

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