Our First Grandchildren

Bev and Mark welcome the safe arrival of beautiful little Lilac and Jasmine to Sabrina and Ryan in Melbourne, Australia on 22nd March 2015.


Born a little early – that is normal for identical twins – they spent 12 days in hospital and yesterday we welcomed them home!!

IMG_2890IMG_2916IMG_2862 IMG_2930 IMG_2985 IMG_3012 IMG_3036IMG_3052 IMG_3058 IMG_3074

Hopping into the car:


settled into home:

IMG_3115 IMG_3118 IMG_3123

5 thoughts on “Our First Grandchildren

  1. Congratulations to all! You will LOVE having twins in the family. Mine are 44 years old now and I am still so very close to them and it is still fun to watch them when they are together. Keep us posted on your future travels. Joe and Doris

  2. Hi all,
    Congratulations on the new arrivals, and on a good day March the 22nd is also my birthday. Great photo’s be prepared for some sleepless nights Sabrina and Ryan. Mark and Bev you will now be official babysitters , enjoy.

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