Visa La France en Australie

Our Passports arrived today in an Express Post envelope – with no other paperwork, no words of explanation – the only thing in the envelope was the Passport. Two envelopes – two passports. SO, we thumb through ….

We thumb through the passports to see if there is anything different – YES – a Long Stay Visitor Visa is stamped inside – both passports too.

There have been quite a few hoops to jump through; their system is not designed for long stay visitors in a motorhome. All Australian Passport holders are allowed to stay in Europe for up to three months every six months, but you need to “Ask Nicely” if you want to stay for longer than that. {Refer Schengen Visa on Wikipedia for more info : }

This is fantastique news. Now we will be able to meander around France without a restricting deadline that precludes us from visiting Spain, Portugul & Italy!!

On January 14th, Mark and Bev had appointments at the French Consulate-General to Australia in Sydney and met a very officious French Official and jumped through a variety of hoops. “pas assez d’informations {Not enough info}” she declared, so we went away jumped through more hoops, submitted more forms – and hooray it all worked. Although the Visa Application Fee was only A$150 each, the costs associated with “jumping through the hoops” to get this visa was significantly more. On January 31st, we discovered that it has been successful.

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  1. So good to hear preparations are going just fine,and to have your Long Stay Visa. Well done!!!!!! BRUCE LOOKS GREAT,and revives great memories of Bruce. Love Bette, Jim xx

  2. Hi Mark & Bev, glad to hear you got that sorted and that us ‘short stay’ visitors won’t have the same problem. Remember we’ve got a date for dinner in London or Paris sometime in mid July!, Wayne

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