Los Alcázares, here we come!

Hola everyone, we’re back again!
The landscape is really dramatic as we continue up the east coast of Spain. Fortunately, Bruce doesn’t mind a tunnel or two!

Bruce drives us past the interesting caves of Del Almanzora, in the Costa Almería region. There are over 200 excavated caves in the rocky cliff face, some have rural lodgings providing accommodation & museums.

Driving into the seaside town of Los Alcazares there are many signs ……is that what l think it is?? …..Can u spot him?

We park up in a disused bus station which is now designated for overnight motorhome stays. There were other motorhomes there, so we felt relatively safe & only 2km from town.

Grabbing our bikes we cycle into town to explore !

This is a small Spanish village & not really touristy which is great! Having said that, they decided to beautify & add interest to their town by creating 140 unique & stunning murals adorning buildings & houses. Which one is your favourite? It’s a difficult decision…..

The mural below was nominated for “Best Graffiti” in the world in 2023 & is called “Turings Dream.” Personally, I’d vote for the murals of the young boys!

These gumboots are a creative memorial to the devastating floods here in 2020.

That evening we savoured the most delish tapas at a local restaurant. Then on our way back, Mark chats to his cycling mate…. as the sunsets.

The following morning, we continue north past these massive salt mines & through the town of Santa Pola, where we drive along the beachside track.


Our next overnight stop is Los Llanos, near Dénia. We stay for a 3 days so Mark can work away again. The beach is great & spectacular with the Sierra mountains as a back drop.
This camping has, you  guessed it……a wonderful pool for me….plus millions of kids! It’s now school holidays & the camping parks are pretty busy & full. Consequently, we need to book ahead when possible.

The kids are very gifted here & can even walk on water!?


8 thoughts on “Los Alcázares, here we come!

  1. Lovely pictures that tell a great story. I wish I was exploring some place new…
    Thanks for sharing your trip!

  2. Hi BBM
    ( Bruce,Bev,Mark)
    Whats a Koala doing in Al Cazares?
    Looks like you’re having a great time. Trust you enjoyed Mallorca for the birthday. And looking forward to the tour de france. It’s looking like the Mandolin is finally under control.
    I’ll give you a call in the next couple of days. What’s the best time for you to call (spanish time)

    1. Just love the painted mural of the beaming child, so beautifully natural, and also the fun, detailed see-saw ride of the children Bev. Such precious treasures to experience.

  3. Amazing pics! Very much enjoying your travel blog. You are missing out on Melbourne’s freezing winter. xx

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