Prettiest little villages

After searching “prettiest little villages” in Southern Spain we decide to find them! Come along & explore with us! The sun is shining too.

Tiny, beautiful Covarrubias, population 500, was founded in 7th century!

Strolling along narrow streets we’re amused by these novel small “house” rubbish bins & quaint letter boxes.



Interesting 15 Century church, medieval buildings & local stalls in the village.

Google translate comes in handy here, particularly for road signs .

Further south, Lerma, with its attractive, decorative bullring walls.

I can see a resemblance to our son Trent here!? Ha!

The grand, 17th century Palace of Lerma dominates the village. Within the walls there is a beautiful Parador (hotel). Apparently one of the best in Spain.

We’re always pleased when find these signs along our route! Fortunately, tonight there is room for Bruce in this Aire (free car park for motorhomes).

Non- touristy, Aranda De Duero is our next find with another attractive plaza mayor.

Mark is searching for a Peluqueria(barber/hairdresser)! It’s almost 8pm & we’ve found one still open! He doesn’t crack a smile or speak a word of English. So, after some sign language, he sets seriously to work on Marks’ long, silver grey locks!!

However, Mark is definitely happy relaxing & enjoying this Spanish experience! I’m very impressed with his new Spanish style cut …..which will last until we get home too!  The barber finally gives a smile …..after he receives our tip!


Not sure what this el Bebe is thinking about wearing having to wear earmuffs in the display window? Not happy Jan !?!

As yet, we haven’t become accustomed to eating our main meal at lunch like the Spanish! ….too busy exploring etc. Consequently, we often miss lunch & are very hungry by 7pm! However, finding a restaurant serving food then is near impossible.
This was what we could find…..On the left, asparagus with cheese on a slice of roll for me & Marks on the right, “something” with egg…..not a great fan. This is Tapas, designed to hold you over until dinner time.
We have now learnt not to venture out for dinner until at least 9pm when all the restaurants open & the towns are buzzing !

We lash out this morning & try the local breakfast of churros & “custardy donut” with our usual cafe Americanos or long black coffees!……

….then we hit the road again !

4 thoughts on “Prettiest little villages

  1. What a neat adventure. Interesting to hear about times to dine. I thought Mark was going to end up with a number 2 all over at the barbers.

  2. Thanks for the nice pics and Mark, congrats for the Spanish haircut!
    I also liked you in the centre of the portrait painting :))
    Enjoy a good desayuno in the morning and maybe some jamon y queso for lunch to hold on until 9pm ;))
    Best, Martin and Edith

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