Anyone up for an oyster ?

Driving north along the south west coast of France & Mark is keen to try the local oysters fresh from the sea ! ….a La naturale of course!

Touring the small back roads of France & noticing signs that there are some  road closures in July  due to The Tour De France circus passing through !

We visit historic Blaye & the imposing 17th century fortified citadel overlooking the river, Mark gives us a royal wave!!

They are setting up for a music concert among the ruins tonight ! ….we will be long gone !

What’s this doing here ? This double decker bus from Windsor is creatively being used as a bar / restaurant by the river in Blaye.

Time to look for a place to stay for the night ! Navigating along more tiny laneways/ roads  & we’re happy to find this sign !

Bruce is one of 3 camping cars ( French call motor homes this ) at this little ideallic site. He’s the one in the middle! We’re at Port de Saint – Seurin d’Uzet ! I know, quite a mouthful particularly for such a small village.

Across the the inlet we stumble across  the quaint “Bar a Huitres.” After a quick google search we discover this is the oyster bar / cafe ! Relaxing under the cool shade of the trees we wait for our order of oysters to arrive …….

Now for those oysters! You can tell by Marks huge smile they are going to be delicious!

A restful stopover for us & great for taking pics too ! ….. the sun sets as we put our feet up in Bruce!

This is the life  ! … feet up, a good book (debatable) & a cold beer!  Ok, l forgot a magic sunset & a magic wife too, of course!! 😘

Bruce admires this quirky little 2CV as we leave the following morning.


Next stop, the beautiful village of Saint- Georges- de- Didonne  ! Wow !

Put this small village on your bucket list for a holiday if you prefer a seaside , cultural, true French experience !

We loved our morning visit here & meandered through the village & popped into the local food market  for a look ! Lots of French here buying up the fresh fish .

There was live music entertainment in-front of the church and even dancing in the square …..locals l think ! Such a great atmosphere!



There are long sandy beaches with many water sports on show today & good bike lanes along the foreshore too !

There are numerous beautiful, elegant beach chateaux to admire long the seafront as we drive away! Obviously, quite a wealthy little town.

We could handle a couple of weeks/ months here with Bruce for sure!

Further along, Mark discovers this 16th century medieval covered market at St Jean d’angle . It was used throughout history for fairs, markets & even travelling cinema shows.

Onwards to Rochefort where we visit the famous rope making factory at the Corderie  Royale museum. The Corderie Royale was built in 1666 when the city was founded. For nearly 200 years, the building, which is 374 metres long, was used to create the rigging of the French Navy. When sailing ships gave way to steel and steam, the factory ceased production. It sat derelict for 100 years and is now a museum and tourist attraction.

Looks like they are prepared for colourful rain this afternoon in the town !?

We arrive at the seaside in Esnandes at low tide ! The water quickly flowed in at sunset as the sky colour changes dramatically.
This all about the oysters & mussels here ! We park Bruce with a free view over the water & venture down the road to a traditional French seafood restaurant  for dinner .

Voila !! Moules ( mussels) & frites anyone ?  We both almost managed to empty the plate .….well, Bev only had a few left!

After 2 nights overlooking the sea we head northerly, inland, to city of Poitiers . How elegant is the large Hotel de Ville ?

The 11th century church Notre Dame La Grande is just that ! We take a peek inside  & admire the coloured columns etc.

***below – The oldest church in France, 5th century, Baptistery of Saint John. It is one of the most ancient Christian buildings & a rare testimony on the architecture of the beginning of the Middle Ages.

Mark has improved immensely with his modelling skills, don’t you agree?

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  1. Those French towns all look wonderful, so interesting and lots you could do and how lucky to be seeing it all in the sun.

  2. Another fantastic update of your trip now in wonderful France. A little jealous . Savour it all only a few weeks to go. ❤️

  3. Reading this has made us very excited for our up and coming trip to France in August!!! We love reading about your trip . Thank you for your effort and sharing with us. xxx

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