There’s old . . . and then there’s REALLY old!

We wandered through the oldest city in Breton – Quimper. First Bishop of Quimper came with the first Britons across the channel and named it Little Britain – between the fourth and seventh century AD.

Port Aven is a beautiful small port with bridges, waterwheel and many great art galleries.

This old building protruding over the stream is a toilet block – still in use!

Once again, hunger strikes and crepes are the order of the day – thankfully very affordable at three to five Euro each. Who could resist?!?

OK, so we have been exploring lots of old, ancient places . . . and then we come here – to Carnac! The most prehistoric site in Europe. . . . It’s thought to have been continuously inhabited longer than anywhere in the world. Bruce is thoroughly impressed and he does a drive-by right next to some Carnac stones!! (monoliths – or menhirs). The alignment of 3,000 menhirs in Carnac and surrounds were rediscovered in 1800’s there are also burial sites dotted amongst them. Dating back 5700 BC – the site long predates the pyramids and Stonehenge.

Underneath this hilltop chapel is a complex funerary structure dating back to the fifth millennium BC. Nineteenth century diggings discovered axe blades in polished stone, jewellery and bone fragments.

It seems everyone’s joined us today at the weekly, lively market at Auray!

How delicious does this paella look? . . . but it is only 9:30 in the morning.

Who’d like a new snazzy watch . . . hmmm . . . . . two little girls might be surprised when we get home!!

Riding back alongside the pleasant beach and this ice-cream was too tempting for Bev?.

Dinner tonight!! . . . inspired by “Mister Paella”, Bev throws this together  but needs to improvise with pasta, broccoli and olives!! Oh well, it looked similar and tastes delicious too.

4 thoughts on “There’s old . . . and then there’s REALLY old!

  1. Such beautiful scenery! Great photos.
    We’re still travelling, Carnarvon Gorge tomorrow (400kms SW of Gladstone) Will spend 3 nights then slowly head home to the cold weather.
    Enjoy the rest of your adventure, happy travels.

    1. Hi Trish,
      I think Canberra is very cold at the moment. Perhaps stay in Queensland.
      Mark & Bev.

    1. No, but we are trying to make sure that we have at least one per day!!

      Have a great day,
      Mark & Bev

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