We can’t believe it has been ten years since our last visit, celebrating Bev’s big 50th!!! Honfleur is still beautiful and it has to be one of the prettiest tourist destinations / ports. . . . . . where the Seine River (of Paris fame) meets the English Channel. The Vieux Bassin (old Harbour) is lined with 16th – 18th century town houses which have captured the eye of many artists including Monet and Boudin.

We explore Honfleur, on foot and bicycle, with blue sunny skies at last.

We hop on a ferry for a wiz out under the large Le Havre bridge which we will be crossing tonight to board the overnight ferry to Portsmouth.

Voila – here is evidence that we are having our salads / greens . . . albeit they are served with delicious galettes (savoury crepe)!!

Nearby we admire the 15th century Saint Catherine’s church, a vaulted timber structure erected by ship builders. The Bell Tower was a separate building due to the weight of the bells.

Whoops, how did more tantalising French Cuisine sneak into this post!? . . . . mmmmm

That’s a wrap for 2019 guys!! Our 20 day adventure through Brittany and culminating in Normandy has been another great holiday experience . . . . .  and it’s always fun to share the highlights with you all!

Once again, the French (Bretons this time) have welcomed us into their beautiful villages / cities! They go out of their way and acknowledge you with many, many a “bonjour / bon soir / bonne journée” as they pass you in the street or serve you in a  cafe. Yesterday, a French couple were deep in conversation on the footpath but noticed us, “mid-sentence” and politely wished us a “bonjour”. It does contribute to a very friendly, happy , relaxed atmosphere on our holiday adventures. It is going to feel strange back home not wishing everyone a big “bonjour” as we pass in the street – or maybe we will! . . . I suppose a “Gooday” will have to suffice.

Now important decisions need to be made . . . . selection of good seats for our long flights home . . . . and more importantly, what shade of red pants should we select for our arrival in Marvellous Melbourne. . . . ??? C’est La Vie!!


5 thoughts on “Heavenly Honfleur!

  1. Loved the yellow ones too!!

    10 years since we spent a glorious evening together in gay Paree ❤️

    1. Hello Isa,

      Time for a reunion!! Lets get together in Melbourne soon.

      Have a great day,

      Mark & Bev

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