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The first Sunday in April sees Paris come alive with activities. It is the awakening from the cold winter. All museums, gardens, chateaux, etc  are open for free (first Sunday of every month). There was a garden/flower show in our area, horse racing carnival at the Hippodrome “La Dimanche Gallope” and the famous Paris Marathon.

We cycled to a part of the marathon near us. It was a great spectacle with 50,000 runners who earned lots of encouragement from the spectators & “dancing girls” at the 40km mark.

IMG_1956IMG_1983IMG_1988 IMG_1953

We continued cycling in Paris where we found the perfect picnic destination at the Trocadero gardens in front of the Eiffel Tower. Vin rouge, fromage & baguette complete with picnic blanket & magnificent view! C’est magnifique!  We must have looked like  Parisiens as the “tourists” even took our photo!?! They obviously didn’t hear us speak.



Due to the Pick-Pocket incident, we had not explored Montmartre like we wished, so we returned. (Mark doesn’t have a wallet for someone to steal this time!!) From the Metro, we headed up the hill, past the Moulin Rouge which looks much better at night, to the beautiful Sacre Coeur cathedral perched up high.

Now, where is that Sacre Coeur?!...
Now, where is that Sacre Coeur?!…


Walked many Kilometres discovering interesting monuments hidden in small laneways!

Enjoyed delicious crepes in small cafe in St Germaine area — baguette au poulet, crepe de pommes & cafe creme for just 6 Euro!!


AQUABIKES - latest craze to hit Europe -- Cycling in the bath!!.
AQUABIKES – latest craze to hit Europe — Cycling in the bath!!.

We joined a “Walking Tour”, given by a uni student to learn about the Notre Dame & surrounds.



Feeling adventurous & again with a sunny forecast we biked off to the Palace of Versailles, 50km return trip with our paniers full of delicious nibblies for our picnic lunch. Not completely flat ……. we headed up to St Cloud (like name suggests) & rode around a mini version of Versailles & so close to our camp. Stopped there for our obligatory morning cafe creme where we chatted to the friendly restaurant owner. Her daughter recently spent 6 months in Australia.

Continued cycling through a forest and before we knew it, were at the town of Versailles. The palace grounds are enormous & we explored on bike many of the “secret” gardens & dirt tracks.

IMG_2061 IMG_2058



The cycle home through the small picturesque villages was lovely and managed to get up to 33 km/hr on the downhill stretch!!.

A trip to Paris without a bateaux (boat) experience is not acceptable!! Friday was predicted to be fine and sunny so we joined a combined Seine River / Canal Bout cruise (see their website here). It began at Musee D’Orsay, passing the louvre, Notre Dame, beautiful historic bridges on its way up the Canal St Martin. This was a great way to rest our weary legs and watch the scenery pass us by! Cold but sunny, it was an interesting 2.5 hr journey passing through 7 locks, 2 swing bridges, and long eerily dark tunnels – including under Place de la Bastille.

IMG_2116 IMG_2119

IMG_2121 IMG_2125

Water rushes into the lock
The eerie 2km tunnel beneath the Bastille


Meandering through the streets of La Villette after the canal trip we found a perfect little restaurant for dejeuner (lunch). Yes, we will have the “formulae” which included a choice of mains and desert for 12 Euro!!  Tres Bon!

Friday night at the Theatre des Nouveautes, we experienced “How to become a Parisian in one hour!?!” Olivier Giraud is a one man comedy show who had a packed house laughing from the moment he appeared on stage! He begins with ….”You love Paris but think that Parisians are rude! You’re right, they are!! You are too nice, & you need to become arrogant too! ”  His show is hilarious – imitating the french mannerisms and body language with great accuracy and hilarity! All in English. How to act Parisian at a restaurant, on the Metro, in a taxi & in a nightclub!! Great night of laughs  for all.

Having had minimal contact with English speaking people for more than a week, it was a highlight of our weekend to strike up a conversation with our friendly neighbours Marc (fluent in many languages) and Marie-Christine from Brugge, Belgium. They have travelled France, Spain and Portugal extensively in their motorhome and were most informative & encouraging about our adventure. It wasn’t long before we all had our maps out on picnic tables and Marc and Mark were discussing our future travel routes and “must see” villages, etc.


Marc & Marie-Christine had one week in Paris with their caravan club (17 motorhomes and caravans) and are  on their way home now, about 300km. We look forward to visiting them in Brugge later in the year!

Sending a special birthday photo and wishes to Graeme and Amber!!


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  1. That’s guys for the birthday wishes, beautiful day here and a party this afternoon, I will have a drink for you. Enjoying your escapades all sounds wonderful, love Graeme……..and Joy

  2. Brings back some memories of 2 years ago. We stayed just around the corner near Moulin Rouge, and could see Sacre Couer from the bedroom window. How do you find the cheap eateries? All those crepes, just as well you are riding alot. Sounds like a great time. We also did the bike thing around Versailles, but lucky!! us we took the train to get there. Didn’t have an electric bike though. Did you go into the palace at all? When we were there we did a back door entrance while the guards were otherwise distracted with some irate tourist. Dodged the queue!!!!! Naughty. Looks like you are enjoying every minute.
    J and B

    1. Howdy guys,
      Thanks for commenting & trust you are both well.
      The Montmartre area was interesting – despite the wallet incident. The bikes are great. It seemed that we had one day metro, next day bikes for the time in Paris. As we had been to Versailles before, so only wanted to explore the gardens and town more then the chateau this time.

      Have a great day,
      Mark & Bev

  3. We are really enjoying your blog – it is great to ‘visit’ the places with you. Will and I are wondering where you plan to be in early June? We are planning a quick trip to Valencia (Sandy has a conference) and then meeting Sarah to check out southern Portugal. Will you be any where near there? Will and Sandy

  4. Great fun watch your adventures in Paris ,hope you are having a wonderful time. We are just back from Cyprus and two weeks of hot sunshine not like Buxton

    1. Howdy Guys,
      Great that you had a good time.
      Our friends in Melbourne, Australia, enjoyed hearing about our friends in Melbourne, Derbyshire.

      Have a great day,
      Mark & Bev

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