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Fireworks welcome us

Fireworks welcome us to the medieval World Heritage village of Saint Emilion in the heart of Bordeaux vineyards! As well as our arrival, they are also celebrating Bastille Day!IMG_7683IMG_7738

The large “Kings Tower” where the fireworks were launched! Can you see us up there?IMG_7694IMG_7631

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A day in the life…

A day in the life of the intrepid travellers!! Mmmm…… Firstly, there are no alarm clocks…… we wake up hen our bodies have had enough “shut-eye!” Long days with the sun setting late …. IMG_4275It can be 10:30 before it is dark & much latter before we can seep! All this sight-seeing & exploring can be pretty exhausting at times…. No joke!! (We sometimes plan and research late into the night about where our next destination is and the route, etc. Continue reading A day in the life…