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Stage 2 and Bev’s in YELLOW JERSEY !

Day:     Sunday 22 July 2018

Start:  Engelhartszell, Austria

Destination:   Aschach an der Donau, Austria

Distance Travelled:   45km

Accommodation:   La Mamma Pension

Weather:      Scattered showers, overcast & low cloud, 20 deg

Interesting things:

  • the Three Billy Goats Gruff
  • Interesting Barrels in the campground
Stage 2 begins!

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Tour de Donau Stage 1



Saturday, 21 July 2018


Passau, Germany


Engelhartszell, Austria

Distance Travelled



Gasthaus Goldenes Schiff


Cloudy, drops of rain, warm – 25

Interesting Discoveries:

  • The Donau river temperature is not that cold – Mark checked this out!!
  • The Fahre (ferry) has a large bell that you ring for service if he is on the other side of the river.
  • Bike tubes are available in dispensers along the RADWEG (bike path)
  • There are many lizards and snakes found in the woods including the viper snake, the largest snake in Germany – luckily it did not cross our path.


Rain and thunderstorms were forecast  for the afternoon so we planned a short day 1 following the NORTH bank route passing the Bavarian forest and into Austria. The Donau (Danube) has cut  a path 300m deep through the mountain ridge. Most of the valley slopes are covered with mixed woods.

We were cruising for an easy first stage win today when our lead was almost sabotaged…..  by a peloton full of Australians!! Our route included a bike/pedestrian Fahre (ferry) crossing at the end of our journey to Engelhartszell. We were ready to board but the ferry captain said he had to wait for a large group of 40 riders that were 5 minutes behind us – The Australians!!…. We all piled on board, with our bikes going on last. This was OK as we were first off and hence will wear the yellow jersey tomorrow!! We enjoyed a chat on the crowded ferry and discovered some were from our home town of Melbourne/Templestowe — it is a small world!!

Our accommodation over looks the Donau River and the village is famous having Austria’s only Trappist monastery and of course a beautiful church.

Aussie Bruce is BACK!!!

Welcome to our 2018 European BLOG adventure!

Aussie Bruce, our motorhome, gave Mark a fright in Dover waiting to board the ferry to France. It seems he had developed Cold Feet and decided not to budge – or drive onto the ferry!!

After a visit from the AA, he was begrudgingly towed away at midnight to nearby Canterbury.

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Dîner sur la Tour Eiffel

Our 2016 adventure has been another wonderful experience and literally ends on a high . . . . as we celebrate Bev’s birthday up on the Eiffel Tower !! To share our last few days, in Paris with Alison and Neil was also icing on the cake!!


Our final evening in Paris, July 6th, began with dinner at 58 Tour Eiffel admiring the view on the way up. A three course dinner, nouveaux cuisine was delicious . . . . complete with birthday candle on dessert!

IMG_0195 IMG_0196 IMG_0197

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Le Cateau . . . France – towards Paris!!

Driving towards Paris we once again experience amazing hospitality . . . .  this time in France!! In the historic town of Le Cateau-Cambresis, 230km NE of Paris, we overnight in a free aire. The friendly tourisme office sends us off with a list of things to do  & discover.

IMG_0111 IMG_0102

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Party time in Netherlands!!

Yes, it’s party time for us in Netherlands where we have a great time visiting our friends in Beuningen and then Erp! We are welcomed back at Camping Du Muk for a short stop and once again appreciate their excellent hospitality.
Jan, Nettie and Maaike pick us up and take us to a delicious smorgasbord Asian meal!

photo6Amazing array of food on offer. You collect a plate full – Bev chose fish and frogs legs and it is cooked fresh and delivered to your table!. . . Yes, frogs legs taste similar to chicken!

photo 1

We also enjoy traditional apple cake with them on our morning tour of the district – and of course laughs as well!

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Four countries in one day!

As we say goodbye to fantastic Croatia, we also say goodbye to the nice weather! Bruce is a wee bit confused today . . . . what country am I driving through now? In this corner of Europe with the borders so close by, we notch up 4 countries on one day!! Croatia, Slovenia, Austria and Germany! We have to pay for the privilege too with Vignettes for Slovenia and Austria. There are many tunnels here!

IMG_1310 IMG_1319 IMG_1344 IMG_1320


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Zadar, the main city of northern Dalmatia, was damaged by bombs during 2nd World War and by Yugoslav rockets in 1991 – but it has been rebuilt and restored retaining much of its old flavour and controversially new modern buildings.

IMG_0896 IMG_0897

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